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Restorative Dentistry

Teeth colored fillings: Composite resins are the teeth colored fillings used in our office. Large areas of the damaged teeth are repaired with onlays/inlays and ceramic Crowns

Implants: Restoration of missing teeth

Root canal Therapy: This is done when the nerves in the teeth are infected (Tooth Ache)

Crowns: If you want a smile that's your crowning glory, you may need a crown to cover a tooth and restore it to its normal shape and size. A crown can make your tooth stronger and improve its appearance.

Sometimes the best dental treatment for a tooth is to use a restoration that is made in a laboratory from a mold. These custom-made restorations, which require two or more visits, can be a crown, an inlay or an onlay.

  • A crown covers the entire chewing surface and sides of the tooth.
  • An inlay is smaller and fits within the contours of the tooth.